The latest research, developing prototypes, organization of production of small series!

Vacuum cathodoluminescent displays and modules based on them (The effect, VFD).  Displays on the field emission (FED). LCDs (LCD). Projected display (microdisplay). Making displays for spetsprimeneniya.Materials science in the field of VFD, FED, LCD and OLED.Chips to control influ. 

RESEARCH INSTITUTE "VOLGA" leading Russian enterprise in the development of, manufacture and sale of various znakosinteziruyuschih displays and modules based on them, has a longstanding relationship with the best domestic and foreign manufacturers of components.  

 …as well as, Environmentally friendly and energy efficient light sources!

TASKS AND OBJECTIVES: The Russian market of products by activity of the Institute annually growing at 10 ... and 15% by 2020. its annual reach 150 billion rubles. The aim of the Institute for the coming years is to ensure at least 2-5% needs of the domestic market (now - at least 0.1%).The task of the next decade is a large-scale development of production under domestic and foreign markets.

The Institute works with leading companies and research centers in the world.

Over the years the Institute carried out over 700 Research and development, developed around 1200 various products, organized 25 production lines (including, in Poland and China).

The Institute rabotaet 150 people., including, 3 доктора наук, 6 Ph.D., 2 Senior Member of Society for Information Displays (anything in the world of 85, inclusive:. in Russia - 6), unites leading researchers, Developers, Manufacturers and sellers of displays of different technologies and devices based on them.

Institute imeet copyright 211 and certificates of authorship 101 patent. Ego sotrudnikami opublikovano 12 monographs and about 600 articles in Russian and foreign publications.

Employees of the Institute took part in major international conferences in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, USA, Japan, France, Belgium, Germany, Korea, India.

System of enterprises deystvuet menedzhmenta qualities, meets the requirements of ISO9001-2001 standards and GOST RV 15.002-2003 (Certificate № sootvetstviya BP 28.12213-2008)