The Institute conducts research on low-voltage phosphor, flat vacuum luminescent matrix full-color displays, screens with control electrodes on the substrate akivnoy, Liquid crystal screens highly, semiconductor lazernvm rulers and two-dimensional matrix, as well as the creation of ultra-thin flat screens sverhekonomichnyh katodolyuministsentnyh with field emitter (Cold Cathode).

Brought to the enterprise-level commercial and engineering processes for nano-and thin- and thick-film devices options

Precision cleaning of plates and details, deposition of thin films and defect-free photo-lithography on coated over large areas;
Multi-screen setkografii;
Topological design and beznaturnogo modeling and manufacturing of large format EVMproektirovaniya precision photomasks;

Institute conducted pioneering research and development of monitor models with flat screens for color television sets and computers based on low voltage katodolyuministsentnyh and passive-matrix LCD. We develop and manufacture a wide range of models, blocks and finished products based on proprietary hardware components

1. Welders with an electronically controlled optical transmission;
2. The alpha-numeric display for transport;
3. Full color TV screen vsepogodnoispolzovaniya;
4. Transmitting and receiving modules for intrabuilding, urban fiber-optic;
5. The apparatus of the objects on the principles of fiber optics and medical laser devices;
6. Indicating units for petrol stations, Car, Cash Registers, weights, avtomatov sale
7. And other products.